Example Letter


*Please copy, paste & edit this template, as needed, to fit your intended transfer*


Joe Smith
12 Buckle My Shoe Lane
Two Dot, MT 95003


** Current Date **


Securities Transfer Corporation
Attn: Transfer Dept
2901 N Dallas Parkway, Suite 380

Plano, TX 75093


RE: Transfer of shares of ABC Company


Dear Sir:


I would like to transfer __________ shares from certificate number __________ to the name(s) listed below. I order to complete this transfer, I have included the following items:


         A certified copy of the death certificate

         An Affidavit of Domicile

         Court certified letter of Testamentary dated within 60 days

         A stock power with a Medallion signature guarantee

         The stock certificate(s) from which the shares are to be transferred

         Transfer fee, payable to Securities Transfer Corporation.


Please issue the new certificate as follows:




City, State Zip



Once completed, please return the shares to me by FedEx. My account number # is 123456789.





Joe Smith