EDGAR Filing

STC provides EDGAR filing services for public companies (domestic and foreign), financial institutions, law firms, investment managers, venture capital groups, broker/dealers and individuals to help comply with disclosure requirements. Whether your reporting obligations are isolated, such as an ownership form (Forms 3, 4 and 5), or more involved, such as ongoing quarterly and annual disclosure (10-Q and 10-K), STC’s team of experienced EDGAR filers works with you to provide accurate and timely reporting to ensure you meet your deadlines.

Exchange Act Registration and Filing

Many public companies are subject to the reporting requirements of the 1934 Securities Exchange Act (“Exchange Act”). These requirements may be triggered by exchange listings, size thresholds, and whether they have registered securities under Section 12(b) or 12(g) of the Exchange Act. If you have questions as to whether you may fall under these requirements, or need help in acquiring the necessary filing codes, feel free to contact us.

As a reporting company, you are required to submit your SEC filings electronically through the EDGAR (Electronic Data-Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval) system. Our filing calendar can keep you organized and help you determine when relevant deadlines are approaching.

How to File with Us


Getting Started

Send us your Word, Excel, and PDF files that need to be converted.

EDGAR Conversion

Documents are converted to HTML format for EDGAR. Processing time: Up to 12 hrs.

XBRL Conversion

Financial Statements and Notes to Financials are converted to XBRL format for EDGAR. Processing time: Up to 24 hrs total.


EDGAR proof is generated in PDF and delivered for review. XBRL proof is generated as a link to be able to see the Interactive Data on a webpage. Other proofs are available on request.

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