Frequently Asked Questions

What is my stock worth?

The Transfer Agent does not provide current quotes of your stock, but you can look that information up on the stock quote link to your right.

How can I change the name on my stock?

In order to change your name on your stock certificate(s), please provide a letter of instruction, your physical stock certificate with a Medallion guaranteed signature. (Your signature can be signed (“Jane Doe formerly Jane Smith”).

How do I change my address?

You should always update your address with the companies in which you own shares. The Transfer Agent also needs to be contacted regarding a change of address. To update your address with STC, you can send a letter (indicating the company you own shares in, your name and new address) via First Class Mail to: Securities Transfer Corporation, PO Box 701629, Dallas, Texas 75370, or Fax to 469-633-0088. You can also Email us or use our online form which has a link to your right on this page. NOTE: (If shares are held by a broker then you need to contact the broker, and not Securities Transfer Corporation).

How do I transfer my stock to my spouse or anyone for that matter?

In order to transfer shares of stock please provide: A letter of instruction which includes the name, address, social security number and number of shares for each new shareholder. Your physical Stock Certificate(s), signature of registered owner which has been Medallion guaranteed, and a check to cover the transfer fee.

You maintain records of my stock, is it necessary that I keep the certificates?

Even though we maintain a record of your shares, in order for you to sell or transfer your stock a physical certificate must be presented. Please keep your certificates in a safe place — lock box, home safe or safety deposit box. You will pay a fee plus a percentage of the value of the stock to replace any lost certificates. With that said, the SEC has approved a new Direct Registration System (DRS). This book-entry form of ownership permits shareholders to hold and transfer share(s) in a new way. Shareholders still have all the traditional rights and privileges afforded to shareholders, without the necessity of having a physical certificate. To read more about this process, go to our Direct Registration Page listed to the right.

I lost my certificate. What do I do?

To start the Lost Certificate process, please print out the PDF form to fill out and send in per the instructions on this Lost Securities Form Letter linked on the right. If you have recovered your certificate(s) after filing a Lost Certificate Form with us, please use this Recovery Form Letter linked on the right to remove the stop that was placed on the Lost Certificate(s). If you have any questions, please contact us.

How do I transfer stock when a death is involved?

See Executors & Administrators using the forms & Instruction link above.

What can I do if my dividend check is lost?

If a dividend check is lost or stolen, you may request a replacement check by contacting Securities Transfer Corporation, 469-633-0101 or by writing to Securities Transfer Corporation, PO Box 701629, Dallas, TX 75370-1629. You can also use our Email. Securities Transfer Corporation will place a stop payment on the original check and issue a replacement. Please allow 10 days from the dividend payment date before requesting a replacement check.

What are the fees?

For a Price List or Quote, Please contact us.


The services of Securities Transfer Corporation include different departments and many different aspects when transferring certificates. Examples include:

  • Lost Certificates Department
  • Restricted Stock Department, including Rule144D and removing Legends
  • Original Issue Stock Department
  • Corporate Actions and Reorganization Department